JJ and the Hooligans' playlist ranges from The Stones to Miranda Lambert to the Cure... Rock, Blues, Americana, and Sass, with a dash of sex pot. Yum!

                   Come hear JJ and the Hooligans play at one of your favorite dance clubs or events around Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico!!

Upcoming Dates

February 18, 8:30pm -- El Farol

February 23 -- Private Event

February 25, 11am - Ski Santa Fe

February 28, 8:30pm - Mardi Gras @ Cowgirl BBQ

March 10, 8:30pm - El Farol

March 30, 6pm - Prom Closet Sneaker Ball @ Skylight

March 31, 8:30pm - Cowgirl BBQ

April 28, 8:30pm - Cowgirl BBQ

May 6, 8:30pm - Cowgirl BBQ

July 1, 3-5:30pm - Santa Fe Wine Festival

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Out Latest Project

Playing to a packed house at the High Note Lounge in Santa Fe, NM. Thanks to the Americana Music Society for the footage. Find more clips and music reviews at the link below.

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